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300 Hours Teacher Training Course

Begin a transformative journey in your life with Arya Yoga Teacher Training Camp. This program is designed to make you a professional yoga teacher and fill your life with vast knowledge of health, happiness, and harmony. Whether you’re on the path to becoming a teacher or just want to bring more peace and harmony into your life, you can start your journey with us to change your attitude, perception and philosophy, and become a better human being. 

Date: 18th May 2024- 30th June 2024

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Program Details


We welcome you to join us in our 300-hour Teacher Training Course. Tailored for yoga enthusiasts looking for harmony and future Yoga teachers looking to deepen their practice and teaching skills, our course blends traditional and contemporary yoga teachings. Join us for a transformative journey toward becoming a skilled yoga teacher and enhancing your life with wisdom, health, and happiness.

Course Benefits-

Experience the benefits of the ancient philosophy of Yoga and completely transform your outlook on life!

Learn From passionate and experienced Faculties who provide in-depth knowledge and guidance.

Unique experience combining urban classes and yogic ashram life in Rishikesh

Ideal for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of yoga, not limited to just future Certified Yoga Teachers.

Flexible scheduling options, including weekdays and weekends, for your convenience.

Receive an internationally recognized Yoga Alliance International Certification.


For the final five days, from June 26th to June 30th, 2024, we will be residing at the Rishikesh Ashram and fully immersing ourselves in the Ashram lifestyle.


Arya Yoga’s 300-hour Teacher Training Course is your gateway to inner harmony and peace. Whether you want to become a teacher or experience transformation through Yoga and meditation, our program is the perfect opportunity for aspiring teachers to expand their skills as well as for yoga enthusiasts to get a highly positive perspective on life.

The curriculum contains-


Our wonderful and passionate team of faculties at Arya Yoga consists of certified, experienced professionals deeply committed to yoga. They bring a wealth of knowledge and their own style of teaching. Continuously enhancing their skills through personal practice and learning, they are eager to share their passion and expertise in yoga with our students.

Yogacharya Sunil Maan
    Yogacharya Sunil Maan

    Yogacharya Sunil Maan, founder of Arya Yoga and former Grasim Mr. India, hails from Issherheri, Haryana. Specialising in various yoga forms like kriya and kundalini, he's known for his mental clarity-focused meditation teachings. A yoga ambassador for India, his philosophy centres on karma yoga, love, and service, inspiring a high-level life approach.

    Master Arya Kharb
      Master Arya Kharb

      Founder and Master Arya Kharb, with over 14 years in yoga teaching, is known for his personalised approach and connection with Yoga Alliance International. His mantra, "YOGA SE HI HOGA," advocates yoga as a key to life balance. He is a former Supermodel and invites all to experience yoga's benefits at Arya Yoga.

      Yogacharya Anil Kharb
        Yogacharya Anil Kharb

        Yogacharya Anil Kharb, founder of Arya Yoga, specialises in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, boasting over 15 years of teaching experience. Known for his energetic style and nurturing approach, Anil Ji focuses on holistic student development and understanding the learning process. His teaching philosophy emphasises personal growth and generosity, encapsulated in his mantra: "the more you give, the more you get."


        Arya Yoga’s teacher training course offers a Yoga Alliance International Certification. The TTC ends with a graduation ceremony in Rishikesh at the Ashram, marking the end of an immersive and enlightening experience. The course not only provides a thorough understanding of yoga but also prepares students for further exploration in yogic knowledge.

        The Certification ceremony will be held at the Ashram in Rishikesh



        The teachers are highly experienced and willing to teach you everything- be it Spirituality, Pranayam, Asanas, Dhyan or Shatkarma. And the 5 days in Rishikesh have been the perfect culmination of this program!


        I have learnt a lot on a very detailed level, such as Yoga’s basic philosophy, Asanas, its external and internal benefits.I’d recommend all to come attend and see the difference it brings in your life


        The incredible experience we got from our Gurus has stood out- unlike many other TTCs with knowledge and guidance. I now have the confidence to break free from my self imposed boundaries


        Would like to thank all my Gurus. I have seen such an incredible transformation in myself and I never want this journey to end! Thank you to the Arya Power Yoga Team!



        Saturday and Sunday

        6 A.M to 2 P.M


        Monday to Friday

        At Centre or at Home (online)

        2-3 Hours as per your availability

        Fees - 50,000/-

        Payment Modes

        Online Payment

        Paytm, Phonepe or Google pay on 9899721379

        Cash or online bank transfer

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        Name- Arya Power Yoga Academy

        Account No.- 50200018210472

        Bank: HDFC Bank, Branch DLF Phase-5

        IFSC Code- HDFC0004153

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